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Cleanse. Heal. Awaken.

In the Heart of Kauai


Awaken Your True Divine Nature
Through the Power of Healing Waters

Altar of Life is a non-profit healing ministry based on
the traditions and practices of the Essene philosophy. The ministry promotes purification of the holy body temple using non-medical, holistic, natural cleansing protocols. The purification of the body is the first essential preparation step toward spiritual awakening and ascension into light body consciousness.

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Our Mission

To facilitate the internal purification process for beings on the path to awakening the light body. We do this by:

  • Creating and maintaining healing temple space.

  • Teaching wholistic internal body temple cleansing methods.

  • Rebalancing and recalibrating the light body into the original divine blueprint of wholeness.


April 8th Eclipse Portal

Upgrade Your Light Body
Receive a copy of Avarea's Seminal work

Awakening Through the Path of Purification

Essene-tial guidance for these Potent Times


"[T]he absolute completion of higher body, spirit, and mind cleansing. No cleanse I have ever done has been so deep on all levels, spiritual and physical. Avarea IS the in-bodied devotion of living and loving ones body. Nowhere else will you feel honored, heard, and received in your totality. Thank you Avarea! For sharing your space and spiritual knowledge with me."

Jazmin Santiago


Feel revitalized and awakened after diving deep into our spiritual and physical healing program. Learn more about our offerings and healing modalities.  


Are you ready to rise into a divine awakening? Find out how you can get involved in our remote or retreat baptismal experiences. 

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A 10 Day Self-Guided Online Course


Listen to the call to find healing- mind, body and soul.

If you have any questions about our offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and to find out how we can help you on your journey to divine awakening.

We also invite you to sign up for our email list to receive a free offering: get a one-on-one mind, body, spirit purification consultation with one of our ministers and cleansing specialists. 

Phone Number: 808-723-4291


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