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Who We Are


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We are here to facilitate divine awakening through the power of healing waters.

During your spiritual cleansing experience, you will be guided by safe and loving hands.

Meet the founder and practitioner behind our organization.


Avarea Jeanine Alexander

- Licensed Minister
- Spiritual Counselor
- Mid-wife to Re-birthing Souls 
- Cleansing Specialist
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner 
- Breath-work Rebirth Facilitator 
- Yoga Instructor
- Tantra Yoga
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Myofascial Release Bodywork
- Applied Kinesiology
- Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Counseling

Lenny Watson

I have been living in Maui Hawaii, since 1989, where I guide clients in Rejuvenation and Youthing.  I have been practicing the Raw Food Vegan Lifestyle for 47 years.  My ability to communicate complex nutritional ideas in clear and meaningful ways insures that others catch the excitement of living their Highest Potential. My Cleansing Programs are designed to heal the Digestive, Assimilative and Eliminative functions of the body.  Restoring the major Organ systems of the body back to Optimal Functional Capacity is a primary focus. I bring the cream of Alternative knowledge and Nutritional healing to the Family.

- Traveling Lecturer on Cleansing, Detox, Microbiome & Epigenetics 

- Licensed Nutritionist, Colon Therapist and Master Bodyworker 

- Ashtanga Yoga.

- Cleansing and Fasting Program Specialist.

My programs are created to allow clients to periodically evaluate their progress and take charge of their Healing.

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