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Customized Healing

Based on your specific needs, we design a custom a spiritual healing and body temple cleansing program just for you. 


The information that you provide during your intake evaluation and interview process will guide us to create a program that fits your specific healing needs. We aim to offer you the highest quality experience and most effective cleanse possible.


At Altar of Life, we use only the highest vibrational organic foods, supplements, and treatments regimens available. Our program consists of 6-10 days of spiritual and internal cleansing. Many different and specialized bodywork and healing modalities are available during your stay.


We are at your service to create a safe space and spiritual container for your custom cleansing experience. 

Standard Services

Nutritional Cleanse Regimene

Light food and liquid diet breakfast, smoothie and/or optional warm grain cereal, light lunch and liquid soup dinners. Additional supplements and nutrients as needed. 

Colon Hydrotherapy Program

Private treatments in your own bathroom on a Colema board with alkaline, mineralized, and ozonated water. Specialized internal implants including alkalizing and re-mineralizing non-binding clays or probiotics are available. Following with a liver/gall bladder flush including supporting supplements.

Spiritual and Energetic Support

As the loving guides of your personal healing retreat, we are here to encourage and assist you in any way possible. It is our honor to hold sacred space for you, and provide direction, as we navigate your cleansing experience together. ​​

Healing Tools

Access to and use of chi machine, amethyst biomat, sound, light, and brainwave therapy. ​Tesla Amp Coil voice analysis session with 3 PEMF treatments. BioCharger NG Health Optimization device and programs. OPUS - Feel Better on Purpose sound therapy platform.


Additional Services

Deep tissue structural integration, intestinal, and organ  massage

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with a Master Kahuna


Therapeutic full-body massage 

Personally designed tantric Kriya yoga practice


Breathwork re-birthing 


Energy work, vertical channel, and charka balancing


Vital life force re-calibration

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