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Sheila Sheppard

I recently completed a cleanse with Avarea on the advice of a dear friend. After having done many years of cleansing programs of all sorts, including over 15 Ayurvedic Pancha Karma cleanses with highly skilled practitioners, I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would happen.

Boy was I surprised on the very first day by what came out! It became immediately clear that this process was the essential missing link in even the most expertly done and most healing cleanses I had done.

Each day I experienced the cleanse penetrating deeper into the colon, and each day the physical and energetic relief of having that burden out of my system was palpable. I was looking and feeling clearer and brighter by the day. And I could see the same in everyone who was doing the cleanse at the time I was there.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have never come across anyone with more skill and compassion in the arena of deep colon cleansing than Avarea. The results she gets are amazing. The process is gentle and deep. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to do this cleanse.
In a perfect world, everyone would be able to get this kind of healing work!

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Melissa Nash

My journey with Altar of Life is nothing short of a miracle. My husband and I were planning to conceive our third baby when I reached out to the highly recommended, Altar of Life. My intention for connecting with Avarea & Dane was to gain more information about a liver flush as I’d recently learned that the flush could help create a very healthy and comfortable pregnancy if done preconception.

When I talked to Avarea, she was so bright, clear, confident, loving and knowledgeable, that by the time we got off the phone, I was completely sure that I was not going to do just a liver cleanse. I was committed to the full two week program! And so was my husband! We had to level up at the same time. Thankfully, my husband took zero convincing. AND The program was incredible!

From the moment we stepped into the sacred temple, I felt completely held by Dane & Avarea. Like we had known each other for lifetimes. I felt loved, safe, seen, heard, and healed through the entirety of my experience. Best of all, I was trusted, encouraged and asked to be nothing more than exactly who I AM. A true baptism for my soul.

My husband and I have never been closer, more connected and in love than now. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the board together! And after a couple more liver flushes, we will be ready for the next soul to join us. Thank you!

For anyone looking to go deep in taking a thorough and honest look at what your insides our made of: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, this is the way! Highly recommended!!

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Tyler Miller

The experience I had at Altar of Life with Avarea was transformational. During the 10 day cleansing process I learned a lot about myself, my diet and my daily habits. 


The support and guidance Avarea provided was tremendously helpful, and I left with lots of ways to integrate this new knowledge into my day-to-day life. And for bonus, the location in Kauai is stunningly gorgeous and very conducive to the healing process. 


I'd recommend this to anyone truly seeking to learn how to live in harmony with their own body. Thank you, Avarea!

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Jade Kaur

Over the last decade, I have done dozens of cleanses and fasts, often guiding others on them as well. Yet being with Avarea on her 10 day Liver Flush at her gorgeous Temple Space in Kauai was perhaps the best and most potent cleansing experience ever!


I highly highly recommend giving yourself this gift. With her masterful expert guidance, I was able to go beyond where I would normally have gotten stopped and get amazing results. I released about 10 lbs of parasitic toxic waste, and feel super clear and vital again. Like my liver gets to breathe again. Also, had huge breakthroughs emotionally and spiritually as well. 
Being pampered with tons of fresh juices and live-food elixirs, high quality herbs and supplements, TESLA amp coil therapies and amethyst biomat, etc. just enriched the experience tremendously.

I can't say enough awesome things about Avarea and this cleanse. She is super inspiring, loving, caring, generous and just an expert at what she does. I will definitely come back twice a year. She makes what could be a strenuous, uncomfortable process into a graceful, easeful loving one.

Eternally grateful for this massive reset!

Lotus Satva


My digestive issues were the ultimate clarion call where I KNEW something had to be done, but the 10-day cleanse impacted me FAR beyond the physical. Avarea supported me to see the root cause of all of my suffering, and even more importantly guided me to see the relatively simple solutions of integrating my shadow and getting more rooted in my will.

Avarea does not preach or prescribe but rather midwives your own knowing. As a midwife of healing she gives you space to be in your own process, but is so in tune she can feel exactly what you're needing at any given moment. As vulnerable of a process as this is, I cannot imagine any more support than what Altar of Life provides. You are in sacred space working with all kinds of medicines like altars, prayer, invocations, devotional music, crystal bowls, gong bath, toning, amethyst biomat, tesla coil, massage, and all the freshest ingredients, spring water, and mana from the sacred island of Kauai made into delicious juices, soups, and raw meals. Avarea holds profound space for your transformation and downtime to journal and be with the process empowers you even more to soak up the full healing possible with this cleanse.

I am a survivor of rape, abuse, and suicidal depression and despite years of lots of different kinds of deep healing work, I have never felt as empowered or clear in my healing as I do now. As challenging as this process was, including the pain that led up to it, I'm so grateful that the pain has led me to this even bigger breakthrough of integration and grounding in a new way of being fully sovereign in my life.

I want to tell everyone I know to do this cleanse, but at the same time, I know that not everyone is ready. It takes a willingness to face your discomfort beyond anything you may have known before, but in facing your fear your courage and strength will grow beyond measure.

Blessings on your life. May all be healthy and whole!

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Cherie Gousset

Wow! An incredibly powerful and much needed Healing Journey. Avarea is a kind, generous, authentic Healer. She provided everything I needed to facilitate my most optimal experience, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. True Holistic Healing is hard to find and the Altar of Life is committed to providing this incredibly valuable service. All Healing needs to start with a powerful Cleanse. I can literally feel my body able to heal itself much more efficiently now that the muck is cleared out! Highly recommend for anyone serious about getting clean, clear and optimally healthy.

Alec Rouben

Avarea is a true master in the body! With being such a strong spiritual beacon for others to see themselves clearly, her words & the space she holds is unparalleled to any other cleanse or health-based program I’ve ever been apart of! She is also extremely rooted in her physical being. 

The food she creates is amazing. The space she holds for you during the cleanse experience is fully met with LOVE, Clarity, patience, and understanding. Meeting you where you are at!

Don’t miss an opportunity to upgrade your life with Avarea!!


Kyra Kelm

I just finished a 10-Day cleanse with the gifted Avarea at her clinic in Kauai --- It has been life-changing, and without going into details, I will say that she estimates that between 20-30 pounds of unwanted "beings" and their plaque "condominiums" have been permanently evicted from my holy body temple.

I will be forever grateful to the beautiful Avarea and her healing transmissions --- using the Tesla coil, the amethyst biomat, Colema board irrigation, herbs and love.

I have fasted and detoxed for many years, but have never been able to get anything close to the results that I achieved with Avarea.

I cannot recommend her highly enough ... her beautiful setting made me feel as if I was in a temple of healing. It was relaxing and soothing. Her beautiful teachings and transmissions that answered my questions took me to the level of Cause so I ended the cleanse feeling empowered, free and sovereign.

I now consider Avarea to be a dear friend and she lives in my heart. I look forward to returning to Kauai next summer and cleansing again to achieve even higher levels of crystalline light body purification. Five-stars on every level.

Healing with Avarea is an experience not to be missed.

Thank you thank you thank you! LOVE YOU!


Ellie Waters

I am a 67-year-old woman. I have done a complete cleansing program with Avarea. The cleansing program I received was both physically and spiritually awakening.

After the cleanse, I lost about 10 pounds, my stomach was significantly flatter, I have more energy than I have had in a very long time. I sleep better, can focus my thoughts and have clearer thinking. I have since done two more cleanses at home with Avarea's guidance.

The experience working with Avarea's practices left me feeling healthy and spiritually enlivened with more positive thoughts.

It is a process, and can be a little intimidating at first, but the results will have you feeling healthier and significantly lighter.

The cleanse, has helped me to make more healthy choices in what I put in my body and changed my overall wellbeing. 

I would do this again.” 

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Navi Whitten

I am extremely grateful for Avarea and what she offers. I have tried several juice/smoothie fasts through other healers that also include herbs - nothing has given such powerful results with instant/ longterm benefits like what I experienced here. Her skill, attentiveness and knowledge is impressive and inspiring.


I would recommend this cleanse for anyone interested in cleansing themselves physically, spiritually, mentally, or all of the above. Each day I felt more and more clear and could literally see and learn about what was leaving my system. I have never felt the clarity, emptiness and lightness throughout my digestive organs before...I wish everyone could feel that way.


Thank you Avarea! so much

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Romney Smith

I have so much love and gratitude for Avarea, for being such an inspiring light in my life. I completed a 10 day cleanse under her guidance. She nourished me and supported me every step of the way, and helped me to feel a new level of embodiment in the physical realm. She has so much to offer, a woman who is in her power, and I recommend working with her if you are in a place of wanting to renew and rebirth yourself. Mahalo Avarea I love you!

Shooting Star

Jazmin Santiago

Altar of Lifeis the absolute completion of higher body, spirit, and mind cleansing. No cleanse I have ever done has been so deep on all levels, spiritual and physical. Avarea IS the in-bodied devotion of living and loving ones body. Nowhere except the here will you feel honored, heard, and received in your totality. Thank you Avarea! For sharing your space and spiritual knowledge with me.

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Dylan Hendrick

My experience with this cleanse was truly transformative. I did this cleanse with my beautiful partner which made the experience all the more meaningful. I could not ask for a more serene place to cleanse myself than Avarea’s beautiful home in Kauai.


The only words I can find to describe it is magical. Cleansing all the bad mana out of my body made me feel as if I was born anew, both physically and spiritually. Helping me to “pass” a lot of my emotions and traumas that we’re so buried I didn’t know they existed.


It also has fantastic health benefits! It helped me lose ten pounds and has given me vast improvements to my metabolism. These days I eat only half as much but I feel twice as energetic!


All in all, this cleanse is an amazing way to become a healthier person over all. I very highly recommend trying it for yourself.

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Amoraea JoRael

I've been reborn twice now in the baptismal waters of the Altar of Life in Kauai, and the wise embodied embrace of Avarea. Both of my intestinal cleanses were pivotal jumps in my health and consciousness.


What makes the Heartsar stand apart from other centers are their incredible facilities and the newest healing technologies, Avarea's use of cutting edge supplements and techniques, and her keen ability to hold you through ANYTHING, at every level of your being, from physical to spiritual guidance, from emotional support through your tender vulnerable journey of cleansing, to the full mental cleansing of belief systems that will truly bring you freedom!


So much gratitude for your mastery Avarea!

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