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Mind, Body, Spirit Purification


Join us remotely or at our sanctuary in the heart of Kauai for a

transformational reawakening through the practice of internal baptism. 


Take your life to the next level when you enter into one of our hydrotherapy rebirthing experiences focused on internal cleansing, nutritional re-alignment, and spiritual education. Get ready to release that which does not serve you, rise up into a higher evolution, and awaken to your own Divinity.

Please visit our programs page to learn more about our specially curated cleansing protocols. For those who complete a full hydrotherapy cleansing experience, an optional liver flush is available, which will add 2 more days onto your customized program. 

The value of your life, your soul sovereignty, and your inner divinity is priceless! For experience pricing, please inquire to begin your cleansing journey by scheduling a free consultation.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, we are here to guide and serve you!


Image by Jeremy Bishop

10 Day Hydrotherapy Rebirthing

Purification Cleanse with Liver Flush

(Excludes food and nutritional supplements.)

Image by Jong Marshes

10 Day Hydrotherapy Rebirthing

Purification Cleanse with Liver Flush

(Including all food and nutritional supplements.)

Image by Tim Marshall

5 Day Liver Flush

(Only available for those who have completed a full cleanse.)


Image by Douglas Bagg

10 Day Remote Cleansing Support

(Including 2 day liver flush.)

Image by Sven Scheuermeier

5 Day Liver Flush Remote Cleansing Support


Image by Douglas Bagg

Equipment Rentals

(Currently Ampcoil)

Image by Sven Scheuermeier

Self Care - Recharge Sessions

(Select from various modalities and tune up for your week)

Are you ready to heal?

Contact us to start your journey.

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