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Herbal Treatment

Cleansing Essenetials

Everything you need to get started at home

Psyllium husk, bulk ( not powder)

Bentonite clay, in liquid form (not powder)

Colon cleanse herbs (preferably Bush Doctor brand, available in supplement package)

Blood purifier herbs (preferably Bush Doctor brand, available in supplement package)

Parasite tincture that includes at least— wormwood, black walnut, quassia wood, clove) 

We really like ExCandida by Primal Herb.. ORDER HERE


Spirulina powder

Liquid multivitamin for implants

Tummy Love, for Ph balancing

Malic Acid (preferably with ATP)

Digestive enzymes

Organic Olive Oil


High Quality Coffee for Enemas

We love and swear by LifeBoost's Products.. ORDER HERE

Tools Necessary for Cleanse

Colema Board and/or Enema Kit


Other Tools to Explore

Handheld massager

Infrared sauna

Hot and Cold bath plunge

Sound Healing (bowls, tuning forks, or recordings)

Your Basic Essene-tials
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Order Your At-Home Cleansing Kit


Kit includes..

Colon Cleansing Herbs

Blood Purifying Herbs

Kidney Tonic

Lymph Tonic

Colloidal Silver

Basic Instructions

*Orders will be fulfilled in the order received

All of these herbs are provided by tax deductible donation $333 to Altar of Life.

Thank you for your donation! Check your email for confirmation

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