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1:1 Consultation— Single Session

1:1 Consultation— Single Session


If you’re like most people, we all have high aspirations and good intentions to support ourselves on transformational journeys, but not many of us ‘stay the course’ and make it all the way to the end

There are multiple reasons for this: distractions, lack of planning, old habits kicking in, subconscious programs fighting the changes, self-sabotaging patterns, laziness, procrastination, etc.

If you are human, you’ve experienced these … we all have.


Did you know that for people that purchase courses, an average of only 1% of them actually complete them, and go on to fully integrate the course material into a personal transformation?

Because YOUR health is too important, as your body is the avatar your soul uses to create your legacy of light for gifting the world with your sacred dharma within this realm, I’ve designed some support systems to make sure you achieve the FULL SUCCESS that is your potential in this magical cleansing journey.


Here is a testimonial of someone who has worked with me:


“Avarea’s intuitional and spiritual downloads during my ten-day experience with her were truly life-changing. I’ve never met someone with such powerful insights into the multilayered cleansing process which needs to be addressed on all levels: spiritually, mentally, psychologically, subconsciously, and of course, physically. She is an expert at what she does, and I know I would not have been successful on this healing breakthrough unless she was with me every step of the way, guiding me through my own resistance and breaking the spell of the Wetiko which was holding me in the darkness of bad habits. She personalized her counseling for my own experience and what I needed to hear in the moment, to keep me strong and committed to my success. She truly is an embodied master.”      


— Kyra

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